Essential elements for safe and high-quality paediatric end-of-life care

A child’s death can have a profound and lasting effect on their parents, siblings, carers, friends, health professionals, and communities. The health care that children with life-limiting conditions receive in the last years, months and weeks of their lives can help families to manage the distress and grief associated with death and dying, and maximise the child’s quality of life.

The purpose of this National consensus statement: essential elements for safe and high-quality paediatric end-of-life care (the Consensus Statement) is to describe the elements that are essential for delivering safe and high-quality end of-life care to children in acute care settings in Australia.

Clinicians, health service executives and managers, policy-makers, educators and training providers can use the principles and elements of the Consensus Statement as a guide to improving the safety and quality of paediatric end-of-life care.

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