I am a mother of four, three of whom are here with us and one who tragically passed away at just nine months old. This heart-wrenching experience has shaped me into a compassionate and resilient advocate for cerebral palsy awareness and palliative care. For over two decades, my husband and I have stood side by side, weathering life's storms and celebrating its joys. Together, we have built a strong foundation of love, support, and commitment, serving as an inspiration to those around us. I have dedicated my career to assisting the most vulnerable members of our community. I work with an unwavering determination to make a difference and hope I have provided a beacon of hope  for those in need. I am driven by a desire to leave a lasting legacy, I strives to make a positive impact on every person who I  cross paths with. My genuine care and empathy to others I hope has left an indelible impression on the hearts of those who learn our story. Through my work and personal endeavours, my aim is to create a world where compassion and understanding prevail, where every individual is valued and supported. In my pursuit of leaving a legacy, I remain steadfast in my commitment to raising awareness about cerebral palsy and palliative care for young children and their families.  By sharing my own experiences and advocating for improved resources and support systems, I hope to empower others facing similar challenges and ensure their voices are heard whilst continuing to make an impact on the lives of those around me. My legacy will be one of love, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of justice and equality for all.