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'Working out what's right for your child' -Discussion Starter Cards and Yarning Companion resources

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The Discussion Starter Cards are designed as a support tool for initiating discussion on important topics and the Yarning Companion is the guideline to support Health Care Providers to sensitively create a space for these discussions.
Artwork by Proud Gamilaraay woman Tanya Quinn (Antaw) ©Yulanbay Art 2023
In this video Dr Sherina Mubiru and Uncle Lorenz Pilkington an Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer yarn about the newly created Discussion Starter Cards and Yarning Guide, and how these cards supported them in building the foundations of trust and rapport with families.

Discussion Starter Cards

The Discussion Starter Cards have been developed as an ice-breaker tool to ease health professionals and families into a conversation about end of life preferences. These working out what’s right for you statements can be less intimidating than direct questions. The cards may also help families speak with each other and their community.

Yarning Companion

The Yarning Companion has been developed to support health professionals to start a conversation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about their end of life preferences for their child, or young person.

The card statements focus on the person, their health and end of life preferences. The Yarning Companion is a facilitation and reflection tool for health professionals and families to support open dialogue.


“In loving memory of a special rainbow princess Baywara”

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