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Funerals, ritual & remembrance

This podcast contains content that may be confronting and distressing to some listeners.  If you are feeling upset or uncomfortable at any time and need support, please follow up with your support networks.

This episode explores two families' experience of taking on the unimaginable task of planning their child’s funeral. They also discuss the ways they continue to remember and honour their child’s memory in death, and how rituals support their continued connection with their child.

The death of a child goes against the natural order of life events. For many families, planning their child’s funeral can be a daunting, overwhelming, and highly emotional time. Some families like to plan, while others are unable to discuss the impending death of their child until after it occurs. Some families may have specific requirements, cultural and religious tradition or rituals that are important and help to bring comfort. Some children like to be included in the planning of their own funeral.

Season Two of the podcast series Life, Love and Loss is a collaboration between The Royal Children's Hospital, Victorian Paediatric Palliative Care Program and ​Palliative Care Australia, funded as part of the Paediatric Palliative Care National Action Plan Project. This Project received grant funding from the Australian Government. We warmly thank the parents who have generously taken part in this series.