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Chapter 5: ‘Enveloping myself in a blanket of love’: Rituals, metaphor and symbols

Chapter 5 ‘Enveloping myself in a blanket of love’: Rituals, metaphor and symbols sees Angela, Yvonne, Bec and Rachel speak of the loving connection they continue with their child through rituals that have evolved over the years and symbols that remind them of the presence of their child in their lives.

1. What fears do you hold about your connection with your child as time moves on? (00:10)
2. How do you maintain a relationship with your child? (2:06)
3. How have those around you responded to some of the ways you keep connected to your child? (07:15)
4. How important is it for you to find ways to continue ‘parenting’ your child? (12:26)
5. What rituals, metaphor and symbols surround you every day to create that blanket of love? (17:21)

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