Chapter 1: ‘We were broken but we didn’t show it’:  Grieving in anticipation of my child dying shares the grief experience of Angela, Yvonne, Bec and Rachel as they each confronted the reality of their child dying. They discuss the enigma of holding life, beauty, joy and the anticipation of their child’s death in balance.

1. How would you describe your experience of grieving before your child died? (00:10)
2. What other losses did you experience throughout this time? (04:27)
3. How can healthcare professionals avoid causing unnecessary pain? (07:23)
4. How did you balance grieving in anticipation of your child’s death and embracing life and living? (14:45)
5. What did you learn throughout this time that you would like to share with others? (22:49)

If you would prefer to read these stories Chapter 1 - We were broken but we didnt show it