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Cosette Mae Verdu Rose Fundraiser

This Easter we celebrate the life of a special little girl who died on Good Friday 2022, with the launch of a special fundraising rose.

Cosette, was a young girl with a sense of humour, courage, and resilience beyond her years. Cosette faced a rare and life-limiting condition that required a critical bone marrow transplant when she was only 22 months old. As she grew, her medical needs became increasingly complex.

“After receiving the heart-breaking diagnosis of Cosette’s irreversible condition, we met with two palliative care doctors. I will always remember being asked, ‘Do you think Cosette is dying’? It is the hardest question anyone has ever asked me,” says Jodi Adams, mother of Cosette.

The ongoing care and support provided by her dedicated team of specialists, therapists, nurses, and organisations were invaluable. Cosette’s family will forever cherish and be grateful for the exceptional dedication and expertise shown by her medical team.

“I appreciated the conversations I had with the palliative care team, it was a space I could cry, share my fears and talk about whether I would bring Cosette home or have her stay in the hospital.”

Jodi walked alongside her daughter through every step of her journey under paediatric palliative care. The journey was both heart-wrenching and transformative, as Jodi navigated the complexities of caring for a child with a rare and complex life-limiting condition. Despite the challenges, Jodi remained a pillar of strength and love for Cosette, ensuring that her daughter’s life was filled with moments of joy and laughter.

That dedication continues today, and is now being directed towards supporting other families and children on a paediatric palliative care journey.

With the support of Knight’s Roses, Jodi has established a rose in honour of her daughter, the ‘Cosette Mae Verdu Rose.’ This rose, coincidentally in Cosette’s favourite colour, pink, boasts a powerful fragrance, serving as a heartfelt tribute to her bravery and resilience.

For every purchase of the ‘Cosette Mae Verdu Rose,’ a $5 donation is made to Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN) Australia. SWAN provides vital support, information, connection, and advocacy to families caring for a child with an undiagnosed or rare genetic condition. Your donation and purchase of the ‘Cosette Mae Verdu Rose’ will not only honour Cosette’s memory but will also provide crucial support to families facing similar challenges.

“She was the bravest, most courageous warrioress and had the best sense of humour, touching everyone’s hearts”. Cosette’s story is a poignant reminder of the impact one life can have on others and as Jodi perfectly put “Because of Cosette, I will be forever changed”.

Purchase your rose – The Gift – Cosette’s Rose – BUY THIS ROSE ONLINE – Knight’s Roses Australia (