Simon Waring

Lived experience advocate and PCA Board member

Simon Waring’s personal experience of oncology and palliative care has driven his efforts in palliative care advocacy. Simon's son Marmaduke was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma at 15 months and died three years later. Simon then faced a dual journey as both carer and parent, as his wife Millsom also contracted and succumbed to breast cancer over the same period as their son. While his family’s experience of adult palliative care was restricted in scope, flexibility and length, their experience of paediatric palliative care in both the hospital and at home,  was highly involved, lengthy and positive.

Simon has been a palliative care advocate since 2015 helping educate politicians, medical professionals and the public on the importance and impact of palliative care to patients, families and the community.

As a speaker, Simon has twice addressed a Senate committee at Parliament House in Canberra, spoken internationally on end of life issues at the SIOP Paediatric Oncology Conference; spoken on podcasts and webinars; and appeared on television on SBS Insight, Studio 10, Radio National and ABC Radio. 

Simon is the presenter of the award-winning documentary 'Live The Life You Please', which addresses end of life and Palliative Care issues across Australia. The short film ‘Marmaduke’s Story’ is used in hospitals and universities to educate students and staff about Palliative Care.

His lived experience as a carer has driven his active consumer representative work in adult and paediatric oncology, including as vice-chair of the parent advisory group at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, assisting other families navigating the oncology journey.

Simon harnesses his background in communications and lived experience to address positive ways to navigate change at; and to raise the consumer voice and participation across health improvement, in his role in the Partnering and consumers team at Safer Care Victoria.

As a member of Palliative Care Australia’s national consumer and carer panel, Simon hopes to contribute to the continued growth, promotion and acceptance of palliative care.

Simon is a current elected Board Director of Palliative Care Australia.