Rachael and Jonathan Casella are the parents to Mackenzie who passed away in October 2017 at just seven months and eleven days old. Mackenzie passed away from a genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Since Mackenzie’s diagnosis Rachael and Jonathan have worked tirelessly to campaign for change within Australia in the space of genetic carrier screening. They aim to help make genetic carrier screening free for all Australians who want it. The Government dedicated $20 million to a research project called Mackenzie’s Mission. A test for the top three genetic conditions will be covered by Medicare from November 2023. Rachael and Jonathan are very proud of the legacy Mackenzie created in such a short life.  Rachael and Jonathan live in Sydney and work as Police Officers. During Mackenzie’s life they focused on travelling Australia with her and dedicated their time in giving her a new experience every day. Rachael and Jonathan spent the years after Mackenzie’s death fighting to have more children free from the genetic condition that took Mackenzie’s life. They now have Izaac and Joshua, Mackenzie’s two brothers. Rachael and Jonathan think of, honour and love Mackenzie every day, making sure she is a part of her siblings’ families.