Alyson Gundry

Allied Health Clinical Lead
With a background as a social worker, Alyson Gundry has worked since 2020 as the Allied Health Clinical Lead in the E-Paediatric Palliative Care Service (E-PPCS), a service component of the Paediatric Palliative Care Service (PPCS), at Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane.  Further, she holds the role of Allied Health Clinical Educator in the Quality of Care Collaborative Australia, (QuoCCA), a national project largely focused on delivering Paediatric Palliative Care education and learning experiences to clinicians. Previously, Alyson was the Bereavement Coordinator within the PPCS Team and held this role for 8 years.  Alyson is deeply committed to the delivery of compassionate and responsive services for young people with a life limiting condition, their families and communities, that are provided when, how and where needed.  Over the years of supporting bereaved families after their child’s death, Alyson is dedicated to building capacity in the community so that grieving families do not remain isolated and alone in their loss.