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Podcasts on this website are designed to support families to access quality information as they care for an infant, child or young person with a life limiting condition and those health professionals who support them. A number of videos and podcasts have been shared with permission from external sources. We welcome your feedback. If you would like to provide feedback on these podcasts please complete the Contact Us/Feedback Form.
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  • Life after loss - Ten years on

    In this episode a family shares their experience of grief and loss following the death of their child ten years ago. They explore the ways…

  • Funerals, ritual and remembrance

    In this episode two families' recall their experience of taking on the unimaginable task of planning their child’s funeral. They also discuss the ways they…

  • Hope, spirituality and meaning

    In this episode two families recall their experiences of caring for their children, and consider what hope and spirituality mean to them, and how their…

  • Walking alongside adolescents and young adults at the end of life

    We hear from parents reflecting on the experiences of their adolescents who endured the complexities of their terminal illness.

  • The heartbreak of perinatal and infant loss

    We hear from families discussing their experience of perinatal loss and the tragedy of the death of their baby.

  • Life after loss – One year on

    In this podcast we hear from parents who share their family’s grief experience following the death of their child only one year ago.

  • Communication with siblings - "What about me"

    In this episode two parents share how they approached conversations with their children: they share with us what worked, what was challenging, and how they…

  • Hearing from fathers - "Just call me dad"

    This episode focuses on the experiences of two fathers caring for and parenting their children with life limiting illnesses.

  • Approaching end of life - "The Nitty Gritty"

    This episode will focus on how families prepare for and navigate the devastating loss of their child. Parents in this episode explore their different needs…

  • Life after loss - "Living in shadows and sunshine"

    In this episode, two bereaved parents discuss the range of emotions and triggers that impacted them and their family. They share the love and beauty…

  • An Introduction to paediatric palliative care - "Lets talk about the elephant in the room"

    In this episode, we hear from three parents who reflect on how their family tackled a referral to palliative care, how they managed their fears…