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Perinatal Hospice: An ideal approach to enhance perinatal palliative care

Oral Presentation

October 13th 2022 at 10:30am

Institution: Roger Neilson House and Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Perinatal palliative care aims to support the unique needs of families whose baby is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition in utero. Some may choose to continue their pregnancy after receiving a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting condition for their baby and others may choose to interrupt the pregnancy early.  As parents navigate this experience, they undoubtingly encounter many different emotions and challenges.  Integrating Perinatal Hospice into the plan of care for these families provides a compassionate and comprehensive approach to supporting this specialized population.



Roger Neilson House, a paediatric palliative care hospice located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has been providing perinatal palliative care since 2007.  The specialized interdisciplinary team assists families in making difficult medical decisions, redefining hopes within pregnancy following the diagnosis, developing specialized birth plans, creating memories, building a lasting legacy as well as on-going grief and bereavement support. In 2019 through advocacy and collaboration with bereaved parents and the local high-risk obstetrical centre additional funding was received to formalize and expand the Perinatal Hospice Program.


  • To describe Perinatal Hospice and illustrate how this model represents an ideal approach to support the unique needs of this population
  • To inspire and provide practical tools to help healthcare practitioners to integrate Perinatal Hospice into the plan of care for women presenting with a prenatal diagnosis a life-limiting condition


  • Dr. Stephanie Veldhuijzen van Zanten

    Physician - University of Ottawa

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